Offering comfort and safety to those in need of dental care.

In a world where things are changing fast and often seem uncertain, providing dental care for patients in need remains among our highest priorities. As fear and anxiety ripples throughout many facets of our personal lives, one of our many goals remains to keep Aspen Dental practices a safe, low-risk, and comfortable experience for all.

The wellbeing of our communities, patients, and care teams continues to be a top priority for Aspen Dental practices as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, and making sure that patients feel at ease is paramount to the experience. 


Blue colored banner from Aspen: Yes, we are open. From routine cleaning to emergencies, we are here.


Dental offices like ours were infection control experts before the pandemic, and we have strengthened already-strict infection control procedures in accordance with guidance from the CDC and the American Dental Association to help limit the spread of COVID-19. Our Smile Wide, Smile Safe Promise outlines the steps we’re taking to keep patients, teams and communities safe, including screening protocols for patients and staff; wearing personal protective equipment like masks, face shields, gowns; and enhanced disinfection practices throughout the office, from the waiting area to treatment rooms using disinfectants that are effective against the virus.

As communities and individuals navigate these times of uncertainty, our teams of essential workers give back to those in need of care by prioritizing safety and comfort. Patients can be confident that they are safe when receiving care at Aspen Dental offices. 

Stories straight from our patients

We’ve invited patients and care teams alike to let us know when they’ve had outstanding experiences getting care during the pandemic. With a focus towards those who had dental anxiety, health concerns, or general fears, we hope these words ease any concerns within our community:

“Everyone from the moment I walked in was very kind & professional. Sensitive to the higher anxiety of the circumstances and taking necessary precautions to keep me safe, and address my pain. It was a very positive experience!” - Patient in Easley, SC

“Dental appointments can feel really scary and I've never been scared by anyone at Aspen Dental in South Portland. Even if you do need work done, they're really nice about talking to you about it and setting up plans and treating you like a human who made a mistake or is struggling with dental hygiene instead of acting like you're some monster who hates teeth. I never actually went to the dentist as often as I was supposed to before I found this practice. They're really understanding about anxiety and really patient. They're also handling COVID really well. I felt safe and comfortable for my entire visit and not once did I feel a need to consider leaving early for my non-dental health.” - Patient in Portland, ME

“I have major work to be done and because of the pandemic I had an emergency.  The receptionist and doctor went above and beyond for me who is a high risk patient.  Their compassion and professionalism was amazing. I go back for impressions next week and surgery in 2 weeks. I also might add that it was not all about the money to them it was about me. Coming from another dentist where it was all about money I felt this was the place to go. Hoping the rest of my journey is as positive.  Great job to the Newport employees taking extra precautions to keeping everyone safe” - Patient in Quincy, MA

If you have any stories to share about how your local practice helped you feel at ease during a time of need, please share your story with us.

Shout-outs to our care teams

  • Thanks to Dr. Schram and his team in Tampa, Florida for accommodating a patient with emergency pain at the onset of the pandemic! You helped them through their fears.
  • Thanks to Lab Tech Cristina in San Antonio, Texas for sharing about her team’s dedication to serving patients, and for following her passion to help patients during critical times! All patients deserve to have you available when care becomes stressful.
  • To Dental Assistant Allison in Inverness, Florida, and the teams she praised for being accountable day-to-day to put patients at ease, thank you! We know that patients have been relieved by your dedication to making care accessible to all.

Learn more about our commitment to health and safety

Both the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and American Dental Association (ADA) have provided continuous guidance to help organizations and practice owners prioritize safety in patient care. 

To learn more about the safety protocol still in place at Aspen Dental offices across the country visit our website to read about our Smile Wide, Smile Safe Promise.