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Finding their voices 

Aspen Dental patients share how choosing dentures changed their lives. Today, their smiles speak volumes. Hear their stories.

Garry’s story

After a major health event caused his teeth to deteriorate, Garry’s self-confidence was shaken. He and his Aspen Dental team created a plan to revive his smile with new dentures. “Aspen Dental not only gave me my smile back. I feel like they truly gave me my life back."

Nellie’s story

When a broken partial nearly broke Nellie’s confidence, she turned to her Aspen Dental care team to make a “together decision.” They chose dentures. “I love that I can blast this beautiful smile, and make the world see me.” 

Terry’s story

With his daughter’s wedding fast approaching, Terry was ready to make a major life change for himself and his family. The answer: new dentures. “I [knew] the smile I needed to have to present a happy, smiling father.”

Find your voice. Talk to us about dentures today.

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