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How much
does a dental
bridge cost?

A dental bridge can cost between

$1553- $2539

depending on a variety of factors.

What you need to know about dental bridges

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What are factors of dental bridge costs?

Your Aspen Dental team is there to help you explore your options and the many factors that can influence your dental bridge cost estimate, including:

  • bridge type – factors such as manufacturing process, number of teeth involved and whether or not a bridge is removable or fixed all have an effect on your dental bridge cost.
  • materials used – the material used­–composite resin, metal alloy or zirconia–also plays a role in the cost of dental bridge.
  • complexity – the more difficult the placement, the more your dental bridge will cost.

The 4 types of dental bridges:

Traditional Dental Bridge

This most commonly used dental bridge fills a gap or missing tooth between healthy, natural teeth. Typically made of ceramic or porcelain fused to metal, a Traditional Bridge is strong enough to replace molars, yet requires adding dental crowns to adjacent teeth, which is irreversible.

Cantilever Dental Bridge

The cantilever bridge is similar to a traditional bridge in that its held in place by a dental crown that’s cemented in place. However, the cantilever only requires one natural tooth to anchor the bridge. Not as strong as a traditional bridge, this option is often used to fill gaps more toward the front of the mouth.

Maryland Dental Bridge

Although the Maryland bridge functions similarly to a traditional bridge–filling a gap between natural teeth–it does so without irreversible damage. Rather than dental crowns, this conservative alternative uses metal or porcelain bands to bind a fake tooth to the backs of adjacent natural teeth.

Implant-supported Dental Bridge

The strongest, most stable dental bridge choice, an implant-supported bridge is similar to a traditional bridge but uses dental implants in place of crowns or frameworks. This approach typically requires two surgeries¬–one to embed the implants and one to place the bridge–so expect for the entire process to take a couple of months.

Find affordable dental bridges

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