The placement of dental crowns is a common procedure that helps improve teeth, in both how strong they are and how they look. Crowns are used to restore teeth to their normal shape, size, and function. There are a number of reasons why you might need a dental crown. Whether it’s because you have a cavity too large for a filling, have a cracked or otherwise weakened tooth, or want to cover a discolored tooth, there’s a range of dental crown options available to match both your budgetary and aesthetic needs.

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what are factors of dental crown costs?

Because crowns are usually not purely cosmetic and help improve the function of a tooth, insurance plans typically cover some or all of dental crown costs.  Aspen Dental practices can provide many different styles of handcrafted dental crowns. So not only will our dentists work with you to find the crown that looks how you want it to, we’ll find the right dental crown for your budget. No two procedures are exactly alike, but there are some common factors that ultimately influence dental crown cost, including:

  • The material of the crown
  • The amount of preparatory work required to place the crown
  • The location of your dentist

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At Aspen Dental, we place a high priority on providing affordable dental care of the highest quality. Each one of our offices accepts a wide selection of third-party financing options so that you can fund your dental care in the manner that’s most convenient for you. And with the Aspen Dental Peace of Mind Promise®, you’ll know just how much your dental crown procedure will cost, and there will be no surprises.

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