Periodontal therapy is often referred to by patients as a dental deep cleaning. Different from a regular cleaning, this treatment involves scaling and root planning which is important for re-gaining loss of attachment, treating gum recession, and preventing tooth loss resulting from periodontitis or severe gum infections. But what are the costs of periodontal therapy?

Depending on the current state of your oral health, you may never need to consider periodontal therapy since regular cleanings may be enough. While working with your Aspen Dental team, you can learn which procedures are best for your treatment plan and how periodontal therapy costs can be covered by insurance and a wide range of payment options.

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what are cost factors of dental deep cleanings?

The final cost is determined by several things, including:

  • your dentists's location
  • maintenance checkups
  • dentist and hygienist costs
  • dental insurance
  • home care products prescribed by your doctor

affordable dental deep cleanings & periodontal treatments

Affordable dental care is our promise to you, whether it’s standard cleanings, deep cleanings for periodontal disease or cosmetic procedures. The cost of oral healthcare procedures like a dental deep cleaning isn’t out of reach. Aspen Dental offers several third-party financing options and accepts coverage from several leading dental insurance providers except Medicaid. Once you determine a treatment plan with your Aspen Dental team, you can trust that dental deep cleaning costs—or any others—will never change unexpectedly. That’s the Aspen Dental Peace of Mind Promise®.

Visit your Aspen Dental office to discuss your oral health goals along with costs for dental deep cleanings and other options. Find a dental office near you to start your journey to a brighter, healthier smile.



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